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314 - Buying firewood for Aalina Lipina from Ust-Kulom. She is a needy lady, has been beaten a lot by her boyfriend. We shared the Gospel with her and invited her to church.   December 2005

315 - Helping Anatoly Rassykhaev and his former wife, from Ust-Kulom. Anatoly Rassykhaev is a former prisoner who is now out of prison and is wanting to straighten his life out. He heard the Gospel in prison. After getting out of prison, he fell several times, yet later started attending church. Now he is trying to find a job and support his family. Pastor Alexei and we have done counseling with the man and his former wife. We let them know that first they need to repent and later quit smoking, living out of wedlock and so on. They seem to want to change. We covered part of their electric debt and their grocery debt.

316 - Welded up on ice auger and a horse collar.

317 - Hauled sugar “6-100lb. bags” for another settlement to Don for different people who needed and asked.

318 - Hauled three pine trees from forest.

319 - Buying a thick hose for the heating system of a man called Feodor. He is a needy gentleman from Don who was having problems with his heating system.

320 - Buying a jacket and boots for needy Slava, a boy from Ust-Kulom. He has been visiting Pastor Alexei’s church in Ust-Kulom. His mom, called Elizabeth, is sort of mentally challenged.   December 30, 2005

321 - Buying food for Tamara, our dear sister in Christ, member of the church. She was left by her husband, and is now living with her little son Pavel. She needed to buy food.   January 2006

322 - Covering medical expenses for Natalia, an elderly lady from Ust-Kulom professing to be a Christian. She attends Pastor Alexei’s church in Ust-Kulom. She has been having many health problems.   January, 2006

323 - Supporting the kindergarten of Don. Erma, Anatoly’s wife, is now the official director of the kindergarten. Erma also runs our Sunday school for kids and has been one of the most faithful students of the Bible in our church. She used to work as a laundry lady at the same kindergarten. We bought food as Christmas presents for the kids; bulbs and light gear for the rooms there (their lights would not work properly). Fixed their light fixtures with Ted (the American).   January 2006

324 - Helping the medical office of Don. The local doctor is a Christian. Got baptized in our church. Their heating system was not working properly–one of the valves was leaking. We replaced the valve for them. They appreciated the help.   February 8, 2006

325 - Repaired or replaced 15 light fixtures, kindergarten of Don. The director Erma is one of our best Christians and leading Children’s church.

326 - Spent one day installing three entrance lights and switches to teacher’s building, by request of our new mayor of Don since January 1, was very thankful.

327 - Delivered boiler we had welded up to the TB Center for children in Loguod. They were very glad to see us again.

328 - Took five men to forest. They cut firewood all day, then I returned to pick them up.

329 - Local school asked us to bring our rivet gun and help put together twelve chairs plus drill eight holes in concrete for new chalk board.

330 - The internet called and wanted us to come show children Christmas videos twice a week nights, plus share and play a few Christian songs. Most of these children are semi-mentally challenged.

331 - Mayor of Don called and asked if we would take the tool we have and put twenty wooden chairs together in the school of Shereog. Both were very thankful.

332 - Took Anatoli and three friends to forest to check out new site to cut logs for the new saw mill God has helped them start with hopes of putting many people to work and prayerfully lead some to Christ.

333 - Local doctor called and asked if we could buy some medicine for a baby whose family was very needy. Our local doctor is faithful Christian who attends church regularly with her daughter.

334 - Local boy brought over his sled for repair. Replaced four rivets.

335 - The new mayor of Don asked us to get some insulation material for the local Culture Hall of Don. They were having some problems with their heat system there because the building was not insulated well. We are having good relations with the new mayor. She is Antoni’s(?) sister. The new mayor has asked us to give her a few Christian tapes to listen to . We gave her tapes and she appreciated that a lot.   January 2006 (?=Illegible)

336 - Helping Natasha’s son Alexei (from Don) get a passport for Alexei. Natasha is a local drunkard. She has two children, Alexei and little Tanya. The local mayor called us and asked us to get a passport for Alexei because his mom had drunk all money away. So, we took the boy to Ust-Kulom and paid for the pictures and the passport fee. He has been to our church a few times. Now he has a passport.   February 2006

337 - Paying for German’s three month stay at the Christian rehab center near Syktyvkar. German is a guy from the settlement of Shergay who has had a serious alcohol problem. After coming to church several times, he wanted to go to a Christian rehab center. We saw he was sincere and paid for this stay there. We visited him recently and he looked like a new man.   January 2006

338 - Doing remont at the cafeteria at the high school of Timsher. William, three guys from Perm, Natasha from Syktyvkar, and Sergei took part in this project. This was a very big project, more than three weeks. (To be continued in 341.)

339 - Helping Anatoly get his sawmill started. When we heard that somebody had donated enough money to start a sawmill, we started working on the documents for the project. We got Anatoly registered as a private businessman, got the land and the necessary permits for the mill. Anatoly is our Christian brother and hopefully this new business will create jobs in the needy settlement of Don and open new horizons to preaching the Gospel.

  We have made over twenty trips to Ust-Kulom so Anatoly could get documents to start the sawmill. Praise God, he is a solid Christian. They tell him one thing, then, for some reason, the other people did not do the paperwork correctly. Americans would not believe the paperwork and all the problems that come with starting a small business. Many times Anatoli said, “ God is with me, we will overcome.” February, March, April 2006

340 - Helping Svetlana Tarabukina’s husband from Ust-Kulom who got seriously hit by a vehicle. The man got paralyzed and was taken to Syktyvkar for treatment. The lady has a son who used to go to Pastor Alexei’s church in Ust-Kulom. We witnessed to her and tried to confort her. She appreciated the message and the support. We gave her some money.

341 - Project in Timsher: We received a call from the director of one of the largest schools in our district wanting our help to do a complete remont in their cafeteria. Someone donated wall panels one foot wide by eight feet tall which fits together by use of clips. At first, they wanted us just to nail them to the wall. However, these are white panels, and even though I had never used this material before, knew it had a better way than the director suggested. We made a special trip to the city to learn more about this material and learned it took special clips, so we bought several packs, plus special corner pieces, trim, caulking, etc. First, we had to strip old walls. At first, three young Russian Christians came to help. They stayed around seven days. They shared nightly with several school children and staff, alto they played guitars and one played the drum. We also set up five other settlements for them to share, sing, and play all in our Lord’s name. After they heft, we hired two local Komi men, although non-Christian, they agreed no drinking and smoking outside school. After three days, one had to return and we had a young girl (Christian) named Natasha who came to help translate even though she had not translated before, but, a heart of gold. We also showed videos nightly. Several teachers borrowed videos. We had a great time of seed-planting, shared with two social workers and several staff. We also made new walls, tore out walls, filled large holes in floor. Two days, welded on water system. Tore out areas of floor and fixed foundation, in floor joist one full day with this alone. We bought and replaced floor boards, $250 just for the boards. Altogether we spent about $1,000. Natasha was always sharing about our ministry, her testimony, our Lord and Savior. A good planting season.

342 - Helping Natasha, little Nastia’s sister from Don. Little Nastia has been coming to our church on a regular basis. Natasha is a needy lady left by her boyfriend with a child. She got a job at the hospital in Ust-Kulom, but had no money to get there and back, so we decided to cover her transportation expenses.

343 - Ex-mayor had a twenty-minute weld job for local library. Praise God we have a good relationship now due to our working projects.

344 - Local doctor asked us to take three pieces of medical equipment to Ust-Kulom for repair and in two days, return back to Don.

345 - Ex-ex-mayor asked us to weld up a new water storage tank for the east of Don. This will allow several people to get water even though they still will have to haul several yards away. Took a long full day to cut and weld, using four boxes of welding rods.

346 - Fixed two sleds for local boys. Drilled holes and pop riveted.

347 - New mayor called, asked for our help to take school children to Ust-Kulom and return them. They have no local school bus or transportation. This was for a sport competition.

348 - Ex-mayor asked us to weld on his car. His muffler had two large holes. Yes, at this stage, one needs a new one, but, even the ex-mayor does not have such extra funds. His door hinge was also coming apart. We took off door, repaired and welded hinge, then replaced door. As always, very, very thankful. We have made a very good relationship. Thanks through our prayers, our work projects and God’s Holy Spirit. We gave him a new Bible. He wanted me to sign it, I did with a prayer.

349 - Local man needed two pieces of pipe welded.

350 - Ex-ex-mayor needed a part welded on their old tractor.

351 - Tamara, one of our faithful sisters in Christ, who attends our church regularly and has brought new people to our service many times, needed us to split some firewood for her. Her husband left her with three children to raise, one of her sons received Jesus, got married, then moved away. Another son also saved through our church was called into Army for two years, leaving her with one eleven year old son, who tries to do this work, but this work is even very hard for a strong man.

352 - Hauled several sacks of potatoes for a local Komi family, although they at this time have not shown an interest for our church or God, be we showed them we care and offered our help to ease their burdens.

353 - Hauled a piece of furniture for ex-mayo from Don to another settlement, one and one-half hours away, to help his sister and family. They seemed very (?) And it looked like he had bought this for them.

354 - The local doctor (our Christian sister) asked us to get some medicine for a needy family from Don who had a baby. The local doctor was baptized in our church and is a good sister in Christ.   February 2006

355 - We did repairs at the water tower for Don. This helps maintain good relations with the community.   April 2006

356 - Buying food for a needy family in the settlement of Smol?. The man got wounded in a conflict in the break-away republic of Chechnya. We witnessed to them and took them to our church once.   March 2006

357 - Helping little Nastia get her passport. Little Nastia has been going to our church and she comes from a needy family. The mayor called us and asked us to pay for the passport.

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