The following pages contain 2005/2006 project diary notes from William in Komi, starting with number 188.

When William agreed to help with a project, the recipients also agreed to hear the Gospel.

These notes are intended to give you a glimpse into the heart of William Wood Missions to Russia.

(The dates attached to some of the notes imply the project reference numbers were added at a separate time.)

188 - Simeon and Andre went to forest to help our brother in Christ Anatoli fall trees for firewood next winter. Anatoli was a severe alcoholic for 20 years. Now their whole family are Christian, and he has not drank alcohol for several months now.

189 - We were asked again to do more welding to run more water lines to bring water to lower levels of the settlement. What a blessing to help make several lives much easier to live.   August 1, 2005

190 - One of the most elderly ladies, if not the oldest, in our settlement of Don asked us to help cut and haul firewood.

191 - Local Komi man Vademer asked us to weld, or you might say make, a horse cart. He used to sell troya (a high alcohol chemical sold in stores as a cleaner, but sells very cheap causing the locals to buy it instead of vodka). We told him some months ago we would not help him anymore unless he stopped selling the devil’s drink. He agreed and has stopped, so we spent 6 hours today welding and cutting. One box welding rods: 500 rubles.

192 - The ex-mayor had 2 front tractor tire rims to cut and weld. We cut center rim and replaced with another which had a better bolt pattern.

¾ box welding rods and 3 grinder disks=480 rubles.   August 2, 2005

193 - Buying a gift for Pastor Alexes from Ust-Kulom. We bought him Christian T-shirts and a videotape. Their 2nd daughter was born this summer, so the gift was also a blessing to them.

194 - Helping Sasha and Nastia from Don. Nastia used to attend our church. Her mom hanged herself this year. Their child needed treatment in a clinic in Syktyvkar. We again shared with them.   July 2005

195 - Helping a believer from Ust-Kulom called Nicolay Yushcov. He just got his carpenter’s certificate and needed to go to Syktyvkar to look for a job.  July 2005

196 - Helping the nursing home of the town of Sindor. A Christian called from Emva and said they wanted to fix the cement porch of the nursing home of Sindor. The porch was in bad shape and not safe to walk on. They wanted to make a little slide for wheelchairs as well. The local Baptist church has been bringing the message of Christ into the nursing home for quite some time now. William, Andre and Simeon have also been to the nursing home.

197 - Andre met Rima’s son Vasily and two more kids in Ust-Kulom after they had arrived from a youth camp. They needed to be taken to Don and had no transportation. Rima is a Christian widow who brings up 2 children.  August 7, 2005

198 - (Follow-up on project #159) Vladimir’s mom called us and invited us to her place to talk with them and her sick son Vladimir. After chemotherapy he was feeling exhausted and needed encouragement. Svieta–the Christian girl that stays with us–Andre’s mom and Andre visited with them, witnessed to them again, and tried to encourage them. We explained to them how to read the Bible and gave them some Christian tapes to listen to.   August 6, 2005



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These notes were transcribed from copies of the originals, which sometimes ran off to the right of the page and became illegible.