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236 - A true story of this old house:  Mayor of Ust-Nem asked for our help for an elderly lady named Manefa, 83 years old, husband died some years ago. Their two sons also died early, one was struck by lightning to his death, their other was drinking and went swimming and drowned, leaving her alone with two daughters whom both were married. One of their children played with matches and burnt their home on 2nd of January when almost everyone was drunk and could find no one (almost) to help put fire out. Home all but destroyed, a shell all left standing. When she was young, her dad cutting firewood accidentally ran chain saw through her mouth coming within one inch of her death. Also at youth, had fallen on a scythe and ran blade into her lower chest, near death once more. Her husband had started a 14 foot by 14 foot log home to live in after fire, but he died after the 4 walls were put up and the roof, but this is all, then he had died–two sides had no foundation or almost none, one 10” log on end. Her married daughters have a very hard time surviving, but help her when they can.

   We started working. Cut, dug, and placed 15 log footings for foundation, jacked up log structure, secured footings, filled in sides of foundation with wide boards and covered with dirt. Added 2 more floor joists, cut and placed large planks for ceiling. Covered top of planks with cloth, had truckload of coal ash delivered and carried by bucket and filled top of ceiling some 2-3 inches thick. Tore off old roof and bought and replaced roll roofing, then cut boards and nailed on top of that. Then cut, placed and nailed floor planks. Bought lumber and made 4 studded walls, placed insulation board on, bought dearapay (like floor underlayment) and nailed on walls, ceiling, and floor. Before this, however, cut an opening in log structure for door and one large window, modified old door frame and door and placed in opening. Later, trimmed it out and painted, plus put handles on door. Placed large window in opening. Bought, cut, and placed glass in window frame. Later, trimmed inside and out and painted. Elderly lady wanted a trap door made to store potatoes under floor, plus built large potato box. Cut small window opening under the floor level to be able to put potatoes in from outside, made frame and put glass in to seal. This opening from cold. Built foundation for peachka and built peachka.–two full days. Later, bought, cut and placed metal around peachka, then bought and placed wallpaper on ceiling and walls.

  Helped some putting her potatoes under floor joist. Later carried many sacks of cabbage for her and put in storage. Put in electric meter, ran wiring to switches, outlets, lights, etc. We bought most of these supplies as well. The entrance to this one room house she wanted was an accident waiting to happen. In fact, I fell into opening of floor while carrying planks. Thank our Lord no one was hurt, so, again, fixed foundation of entrance (like a hallway). Cut, placed and nailed floor. Also, the step entrance was straightened up and down, so tore out and built nice wide steps and large entrance. The opening to her property was several small trees, 3” in diameter, nailed to post. What a nightmare every time we needed to leave, so bought lumber, made a gate and hung on hinges. Basically this elderly lady 83 years old now, has a new home. She was in tears as we hugged and said goodbye. As always, we shared our Lord and Savior, the rest is up to God to convict and save.

  This project reminded me of the TV show in America “This Old House” where they take an old house in very run-down condition and make new, except in our case, we almost started with nothing. She (elderly lady) put nice statement in paper about our ministry. Praise God!   September 2005

237 - Our dear brother in Christ, Sergei Papaff, who has helped out ministry greatly, called and asked if we could spare some potatoes. Sergei goes around showing the Jesus Film and is married with three children. We donated enough potatoes and berries to last them all year till next harvest. It was such a great blessing to help our brother and family in Christ.

Also numbered 237 - Svieta, our little sister in Christ, 20 years old, living with us, has two sister, one brother. One sister’s live-in boyfriend left, leaving her with a baby girl, now about 4 years old. It was her birthday, so we bought a nice sweater and socks. Her name is Leara.

238 - Young mother from Don asked to take her sick child to Ust-Kulom hospital. Was told by local doctor to do so. We happily agreed.

239 - Locals brought some pipe and metal over to be welded.

240 - Locals asked to take them to forest to mark trees to be able to cut down later upon approval plus documents.

241 - Ted and Simeon went to two settlements in one long full day. The kindergarten in Budyorsk had electrical short at fuse base. Simeon came close to receive an electrical shock some months earlier and we said we would return when Ted returned from Moscow. Ted is an American living in Moscow who likes helping people with his God-given gifts, which have been many. He is an engineer and has blessed us many times, coming here helping these people. The kindergarten was deeply thankful. Then they went to Yakatch to help another kindergarten where they found very possible fire hazards. Thank God for our special team that can solve these possible very serious problems and all in the name of Christ. As always we share where these gifts come from (wire, plug-ins, etc) and our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

242 - Since we did a work project in Shereog, we invited them to church. Seven to fourteen children or adults we have been going there each Sunday to pick them up and return back. No buses run on weekends. About 40 minute drive. Praise God.

243 - Wednesday night Bible study, we were asked to pick up 7 people in Kevinyawn. We do this or have done this many times and many times on Sunday as well.

244 - We helped ex-mayor’s son-in-law to take supplies in VW to Ust-Kulom.

245 - Ex-mayor and son-in-law brought over some parts to be welded.

246 - Ex-mayor of Don asked Simeon to make them a new peachka. Took him two hard days. We keep helping them, showing our faith, praying for them. They have been good neighbors as in helping us and giving some good advice. One of his daughters has watched almost all of our Christian videos in her home, but her mother does not want them coming over here. Family needs prayer.

247 - Kindergarten in Don asked us to guild a sort of fold up indoor playhouse. We cut six half-sheets plywood into different shapes, like a rocket, a couple windows, a mushroom, etc., and 12 exercise blocks, drill and screw together.

248 - Ted and Simeon replaced an electrical heating element for cook stove and put in some outlets for local kindergarten in Don.

249 - Ted and Simeon worked in local school in Don repairing projector. They use to show study or learning films.

250 - Ted and Simeon worked in Don Culture Club repairing switches, lights, etc. One section had one light bulb working in large hall. Now they can see all in the precious name of Jesus and pray these people will truly see one day.

251 - One of our neighbors asked to get him 10 liters of gas for his chainsaw. Ten miles to gas station and locals here have no cars. We have helped I suppose hundreds so far these past years.

252 - Finished welding 2nd half of one end goal post for local school in Don.

253 - Made a homemade sandpoint to try and see if we could reach water for our sisters in Christ Rima. So far, no water, but still trying.

254 - Three locals stopped by garage asked to help them, so we welded up 2 horse saddles, not the kind you ride on, but ones that are used to pull something, plus an old pitchfork.

255 - Helped one of our neighbors haul meat taken from their butchered cow into Ust-Kulom to sell.

256 - Simeon worked on three children’s toys for our sister Rima’s children. Hew husband died. Our God cares–so do we.

257 - Simeon and Andre did rebuild of a stove at the house of a single mother in Ust-Kulom. Her son, Sasha by name, has poor sight and had to give up high school. Their grandmother is staying with them. She had several strokes and is now paralyzed. The husband left them. Her stove used to produce carbon dioxide and had poor foundation. Simeon improved the foundation and rebuilt part of the stove. We witnessed to them. They had a bible and a new testament already. Sasha is attending the local Orthodox Church. They provided the materials.   October 25, 2005

258 - The ministry donated money to a needy family in the village of Kerchomya whose house burned down in September, 2005. The fire destroyed their house, cattle, hay and barn. They had to move to their mother’s house, where five of them are residing at the moment. The name of the mother is Maria Ivanovna Kolodinova. We witnessed to the whole family and gave them Christian literature.   October 21, 2005

259 - Simeon and Andre helped cut firewood for a needy family in Ust-Kulom: Olga (a single mother) and Masha, her little daughter. Olga’s husband is in prison. Olga used to drink, but she has stayed sober for about 2 months. Olga and Masha sometimes attend the local Orthodox church. A lady from that church has started taking care of them.

  We shared with them and gave them some Christian literature. Also, bought some fruit and candy for the little Masha.   October 24, 2005

260 - Director of Don’s boiler department called and asked to bring drill, grinder and welder. One motor that pumps hot water to local school had crashed. Needed new one, had to make shaft from motor to line out.

261 - Simeon took a sack of potatoes and cash to a girl who is now going to a vocational training school in a suburb of Ukhta. The potatoes and the cash were provided by the girls’ mother. The mother is residing in Don.   October 29, 2005

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