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199 - Andre has been giving free English classes to a guy called Vladimir Zolotarev from Ust-Kulom. After classes they would talk about God and watch Christian videos. Vladimir has been to our fellowship. Now he is interested in the things of God and wants to fellowship with Christians.

200 - Zhezhim’s Doctor’s office:  William and Simeon worked on the doctor’s office of the village of Zhezhim. They fixed the roof and the entrance of the doctor’s office. They bought corrugated asbestos sheets for the roof.   August 3, 2005

201 - Helping the needy kindergarten of Don:  Irma (our sister in Christ) got promoted in the local kindergarten of Don where she has been working. She got the position of the director. Prior to that she had done a lot of spiritual work there by witnessing to the staff. The kindergarten is small and very needy:  They don’t hardly get any support form the state for things like equipment, toys, construction materials. We donated 3,000 rubles to them so that they could get paint and stuff for their work.   August 8, 2005

202 - Buying school supplies for little Nastia (our church member). She comes from a needy family. She got baptized in 2005 in Don. Her elder sister Natasha needed food for her baby. We witnessed to her. Natasha was left by her husband.  August, 2005

203 - Help for Natalia from Ust-Kulom. She is a needy lady with many serious health problems. She needed to go to a Syktyvkar clinic for examination of  her spine. She has been attending Pastor Alexe’s fellowship in Ust-Kulom.   August 25 and September 26, 2005

204 - Help with transportation for “big” Nastia’s grandmother. Big Nastia has been our church member for some time now.

205 - Team went to forest to cut firewood for Anatoli and his family, yearly supply. Anatoli and his wife are both true born again Christians and both have been baptized and Earma now runs our children’s church.

206 - Zhezhim Kindergarten:  Our mayor of Don also has this village and asked us to tear off old roof, replace roll roofing and new boards.

207 - Ex-mayor bought a used potato picker and asked us to weld on it.

208 - Director of culture club in a small settlement called Voldino, which we have not worked in before, came looking for us to help her. The peak of the roof had large gaps. We bought 5 sheets of  galvanized sheet metal, kilo nails and fixed the roof. This allowed us to show Christian films 2 nights, sing Christian songs, and shared the Gospel of our Lord and Savior. Many asked for Bibles and Christian literature.

209 - We were asked to work in another new settlement called Badyolsk, population 300. Last 5 miles to reach this place we traveled on what we call a cow path. When it rained we prayed to make our way through. This was an unusual settlement. It was started by 2 brothers and all were related, some distant. In World War II, one hundred men from this settlement lost their lives, all having the same last name. When you go there, all eyes are upon you, as almost never anyone comes. I, William, was the 1st American most had seen, and the first to visit this place. Their needs overwhelmed us. Time and time again they came asking to fix or to make. We cut pipe and welded up a 5 foot ladder with another foot or so buried in the ground. They use it for exercise program, even though it’s a kindergarten, plus pull up bars and three poles used for swing and rings. All we did we also painted,. We donated lumber and paint, nails, etc. Also built a play boat with top some twelve feet long. Also, a play truck 12 feet long, both can be used as sandboxes. We tore out old benches that circled a tree and built new. We tore out old wooden slide that teacher would not allow children to use, as one child was taken to doctor and had seven splinters removed from back side. We made one new with play area under it. We have found out children love to play house, store, etc.–we overheard one little boy say mama to a little girl.
   All our slides now are built this way. We repainted their sign, the name of the kindergarten, and built a frame. Fire department who goes around to all institutions came and said their small cook house where they prepare children’s food must be closed unless they cut away wood around the
peachka (wood stove). Again, we were asked to help. We took part of old roof off, cut opening, replaced with metal, and replaced roof material.

  At local school, one end of roof we tore off, raised rafters, replaced material, plus patched around chimney. Back entrance aprox. 12’x12’ needed new roof. Tore off old and made rafters, nailed boards on, put roll roofing on, then shaffer, a roof material. Plus, one side of foundation was rotten, so repaired this. Steps front entrance were unsafe. We were asked to replace, tore out old, new foundation, steps, painted, then built 4x5 foot overhang to help keep rain and snow from destroying new entrance.

  Used metal poles for support, so cutting and welding was needed and added roof material. Replaced three pieces of glass. We bought one large sheet and cut and installed. Was asked to paint there school sign and make a frame, so we did.

   We showed Christian videos 4 nights a week, plus sang Christian songs and shared our testimonies.

  Wednesday night, we had a question and answer service about God. To my surprise, lasted over two hours. Sunday we held services. Afte one Sunday service, one teenage girl quit smoking and drinking we were told. God’s Spirit at work for sure. Three friends came from far away to help for a good week to ten days, one from Germany who play’s keyboard as a pro plus sing, named Peter.

  Another man came from Moscow, named Maxim, who told the other two men about us. Joined us, he is Russian. Another Russian also name Peter came some seventeen hours by bus, then took another bus three hours to Don, then another bus two hours to reach near us. He sang and played guitar and Simeon as well. They all were great to say the least. They played, sang, shared. We held a Christian concert. Afterwards–two hours–they did not get up to leave. We were stunned. We continued, one boy repented, age 18. Others said they did. They even a few nights came to school where we slept, and we held talk time and more concerts. A few times we had over twenty. The night before we left, they seated not wanting us to leave, they were singing Christian songs. The next morning as we packed to leave, they wrote on our dirty V-wagon, “We love you. Thank you for giving or bringing us to faith in God.” What a send-off! I took a picture of their heart-filled word. Praise our Holy God!

210 - Simeon, Andre and Lena, Simeon’s cousin from Emva, built a stove for an elderly couple, Nastia and Yury. They are the parents of the Orthodox lady from Ust-Kulom called Ludmila. She has been a good friend of ours. She sings in the choir of the Ust-Kulom Orthodox church and also helps the needy. Her parents moved to Don and their old stove was in bad shape. The elderly couple has been to our church service. The elderly lady seems to be a very godly lady and says she believes in Jesus. They provided the materials. We did the work. Two days of work. September 1 & 2, 2005

Also numbered 210 - Simeon, Andre, Lena, and Svieta-the Christian girl that has been living with us-helped Anatoly’s family pick up their potatoes. The potatoes are their main food throughout the year. Anatoly’s family is the Christian family that got saved in our church. We picked up the potatoes and hauled them to his place in our vehicle. His family appreciated the help a lot.   September 3 & 7, 2005

211 - Andre has been taking the locals from Don to the forest in our vehicle to pick up berries and mushrooms. Most of the locals depend on the berries and mushrooms. Many of them are unemployed, so the cash that they get from selling berries and mushrooms is a major source of income to them. Some of them, Valentina, the elderly Tota Mota, Maria) attend our church.   Early September, 2005

212 - Sergei and Andre (our translator) put five new sheets of corrugated asbestos boards on Rima’s roof. Rima is a Christian widow who has been attending our church for a long time.   September 20, 2005

213 - Simeon took Anatoly’s family to the hospital in Ust-Kulom. Marina, Anatoly’s daughter, once passed out and needed to seek treatment. Simeon picked up materials for Rima.   September 21, 2005

214 - Ex-mayor asked us to weld on town’s tractor or small dozer. (Three and a half hours work.) They also brought a hitch to weld on, a wheel barrow, small child’s trike, and car linkage.

215 - Local youth had Russian motorcycle with side car. They ahd been using it to haul potatoes–several sacks. So much weight it broke the frame in half–spent about two hours of welding.

216 - Vova, a local form Don, asked to repair his peachka (wood stove), an hour of work, cutting and welding.

217 - Simeon worked on the stove of our dear sister in Christ Tamara from the settlement of Kebanyal. He covered the stove with sheets of galvanized metal, plus put metal angles on the edges.   September 26, 2005

218 - We helped a family with a handicapped child called Zhenya. The parents names are Ivan and Nina. They have three children, two daughters and the handicapped Zhenya, a boy who is paralyzed, he can’t walk by himself. The parents have to carry the boy everywhere.

  They have been to many clinics already, yet they have seen very few signs of recovery in the boy. However, they don’t lose hope. God is their last hope.

  William and Andre shared with them the gospel of Jesus. They listened, took some Christian literature to read. The dad said that one needs to come to God all the time, and not only when problems come our way. They needed to take the boy to a good clinic in Moscow. The state provides for the boy’s treatment, but the mother had to pay for her accommodation at the clinic. The husband is unemployed. So, we helped. They said they wanted to come to our church services some day.   September 26, 2005

219 - William, Simeon, and Andre helped our brother in Christ Anatoly pick up the leftover of his firewood in the timber. We loaded and unloaded two truckloads of firewood for him.   September 26, 2005

220 - We donated paint to the Culture Hall of the settlement of Yackoge where Nicolay, our dear brother in Christ, lives and ministers. We were able to share the gospel at the Culture Hall. This encouraged our brother Nicolay a lot.   August 2005

221 - William towed the broken vehicle of a Christian pastor from Timsher (about 1.5 hour drive from Don.) The pastor’s old vehicle broke down in the middle of the way and he asked us to tow him home. He had three of his kids in the vehicle. His wife had given birth to their 4th child but had to stay in Syktyvkar in the maternity ward for another ten days.   September 27, 2005

222 - Nastya’s little brother brought his bike over to have some welding done. Nastya, although a teenager, received Jesus and was baptized and has been very faithful sharing our Lord and Savior to many of her friends.   September 2005

223 - Mayor of Don asked to haul an old refrigerator from Ust-Kulom Hospital to local doctor’s office in Sheryag.   September 2005

224 - Director of Don local school asked to take her to Ust-Kulom to pick up supplies for school.   September 2005

224 - Lady who works in Don administration asked us to weld up her peachka for their bonya (steam bath).   September 2005

225 - Went to forest twice to cut and haul back logs to build a well for Rema, a good sister in Christ, with two children. Her husband died a year ago. She is hauling water from a great distance and sought our help in building a new well close to her house.

226 - Replaced two pieces of glass for our local doctor of Don. She started coming to church several months ago and received our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ some months past and wanted to get baptized. Before Christ, she had made many wrong turns, as we all have, and she had three children but no husband, so life is hard for them even though she has work, although the pay is very small.   September 2005

227 - Local boy needed small weld job on his motor bike.

Also noted as 227 - Era, our sister in Christ, who was baptized this past year, asked if we would take them to forest to pick up and haul several bundles of moss, used in between logs to help keep them from rot.

228 - Sveta, our sister in Christ, living with us, needed to return to city and have medical work and medicine.

229 - Sveta’s brother has been taken to a boarding school, mother was stabbed to death and father severely ill. He started coming here on weekends and seems to be very nice boy, but needs guidance as we all. He helped in forest and worked hard, so we bought him needed shoes.

230 - Natalia, an elderly fairly new sister in Christ, has severe health problems and needed transportation to city.   September 2005

231 - Our local mayor of Don is also in charge of two other settlements. One is called Shereog. He asked if we could help with the floor in the local culture club. We called and met with director and said we will be glad to help and supply nails, floor underlayment and paint and two men. Will you allow us to show Christian videos and share about our Lord and Savior for two nights? She agreed. Our first night, at first, only a few came. Yes, we had prayed off and on all day and praise God, later they just kept coming. There were no seats left and some had to stand. Anatoli, our dear brother in Christ, who is a Komi man–the whole settlement is Komi–will be sharing his testimony. As you know, he was a severe alcoholic and Jesus delivered him. Some time later he repented and was baptized. We thank our Holy God for His presence and His work today and yes, all of you who make these things possible. We ran out of most of the Christian literature we had brought, even though we told them it’s about Jesus. We shared we would give adult bibles the next night. Again, we praise and thank our Lord and you.

  Follow-up: The next night was full house with more adults and teens. Anatoli shared. We invited people to our home church. The next day, three adults and five youth came, and have a desire to come next week. Our problem, we must pick them up and return, 45 minute drive, plus, bibles were asked for, Gospel tracks and sharing was a very good seed-planting. Now, through prayers, may God bring in His harvest.

232 - Two local boys brought their bicycle over to be welded. The whole front end was broken off.

233 - Man came asked for bread to eat and some warm clothing (used) plus a ride to his home. However, I was on my way to another settlement to work and they were waiting and he was going another direction. I returned late night and wanted a bonya (bath) and I opened the door of bonya, and this man was sitting there, cold and shaking, so I gave more to eat and took him home, 25 minute drive. He heard about us in local newspaper.

234 - Gave several boards to help build a new well and hired our brother in Christ, Anatoli, to dig by hand eight feet by eight feet by eighteen feet deep or so. This was for our sister in Christ who’s husband died young, and left her to raise two children alone without family.   October 2005

235 - Little Nasta needed help.   October 2005

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