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288 - We hauled firewood, three loads so far, in our VW for Victor, a young man who has been at our home church a few times, but has a hard time understanding, a slight mental problem, but works very hard when he can find work. Locals make fun of him. His home life is very sad. His dad was a severe alcoholic and during his drinking sprees, raped his own two daughters at different times. Later, someone killed his dad for some evil deed he was doing. Victor’s mother and two daughters now are serious alcoholics as well. I sort of understand why they drink. Victor’s mother and one sister have been to our home church a few times, but alcohol has control of their lives most of the time. Victor has been trying with whatever he can find to remont their old home and, praise God, his mother and one sister that lives in same house as he have quit drinking for thirty days, maybe because they have no money and even food consists from their garden. Victor has been cutting an old house up for firewood as they had none or money to buy. Victor is 25, unmarried, but wants a wife, but with his slight mental problems, it seems not possible. We have shared to seek God first and… (rest not legible).

289 - Local man stopped and wanted some gas for chainsaw to cut some old boards up for firewood. However, in the past, some have received gas, then sold it for alcohol, so we said no gas, but will go and cut the wood for you, an hour and half job. The person is an alcoholic.

290 - Helping Alexandra in Mishavina whose house burned down with the husband dying in the fire. Now she is a single mother bringing up two children in Ust-Kulom. We shared the Gospel with her and gave her a New Testament. Plus, we gave her some money to help cover the cost of fixing the house.   November 16, 2005

291 - Helping Svetlana I. Sirovatchenko, a Russian immigrant from Kirgizstan. She is about 50 years old. Her elder son got killed some time ago. Right now she is taking care of her dead son’s two kids. In order for her to get benefits from the state, she needed to get Russian citizenship for her grandchildren. She has a Russian passport already. She has been attending pastor Alexei’s church and knows the Gospel. She says she is a believer. We gave her some money for the documents.   November 10, 2005

292 - We helped bury Svetlana I Sirovatchenko’s second son (32 years old). He hanged himself supposedly out of depression caused by his status of an immigrant her in Russia. The local passport center would not give him a Russian passport. The guy could not get a job, got depressed and hanged himself. His mother got very distressed because five months ago she lost her first son.

  William, Andre and Pastor Alexei attended the funeral. We provided the transportation and bought a coffin and stuff. We addressed the people with the Gospel message at the funeral. There was no drinking at the funeral.   November 5-25, 2005

296 - We welded on the mayor’s wood stove that he uses in his banya (bath house). He appreciated the help. We used a lot of our grinding disks and welding rods.   November 2005

297 - Buying skis for little Alyona (Anatoly’s daughter). Their family is still quite poor, so we decided to get Alyona a pair of skis. Alyona has been a blessing to our church family. We have been calling her our little prayer warrior.   November 2005

298 - Buying firewood for Maria Petrovna in Ust-Kulom. They are a needy family who we helped last summer–built them a new stove and fixed their wiring. They have been attending Pastor Alexyy’s family church. They needed firewood, so we bought them a truckload of firewood. Maria Petrovna is a widow who lives in a house with her two daughters and a granddaughter.   November 2005

299 - Our little sister Nastya age 17 was in tears as she asked for our help. Both knees have has severe pain. One year ago, she was sent by local doctor to Ust-Kulom, then was sent to city. There, they gave her two shots, one in each knee. She needed to return to have this done again, but only her dad has work and they have not the amount needed. We donated. Nastya and her mother both repented and were baptized and we are praying for her dad, a kind man who does not drink, but at this time shows no desire to repent.   December 2005

300 - Anatoli asked our help to kill and dress the fatted calf to provide meat for their family of four. We could not kill the calf, but helped dress it and cut meat, clean, and store. The calf was rather small according to our standards in America to butcher, but it ws eating too many potatoes. They use the small potatoes for their one cow and two calves and one horse, so this one small steer had to go, plus, they needed meant and now weather has gotten below freezing.

301 - Helping Victor from Don to get to Syktyvkar to check his kidney. The military office sent him there because he is getting conscripted into the army this year (possibly). Victor needed money for transportation. He comes from an orphanage because his mom is still drinking. He has been to our church a few times and knows the gospel, yet has not shown much interest for that.   December 2005

302 - Buying winter boots for little Tanya from Don. The boots she had had holes and were not warm enough. Tanya is about five years old. Her mom Natasha is drinking. She has been to church a few times, but then quit coming because of drinking habits. The local town hall is now gathering information on this family, trying to figure out what to do with little Tanya, either to send her to an abuse center or let her stay with her mom. The little Tanya was very happy to receive the boots.   December 3, 2005

303 - Buying wallpaper and glue for the local medical office in Don. The local doctor is a Christian. She got baptized in our church and has been attending our church on a regular basis. Her name is Anna. Their medical office is pretty old, so she wanted to wallpaper certain rooms there. We provided wallpaper and glue.

304 - Simeon helped Anatoly haul cow manure to his potato patch. Anatoly used his horse sled. Anatoly is our dear brother in Christ.   December 5, 2005

305 - Simeon replaced a switch and installed a light at Rima’s. Rima is a dear sister in Christ. Fixed some wire at her place.   December 10, 2005

306 - Simeon and Andre helped haul Anatoly’s hay from the field to his hay barn. Anatoly’s unbelieving relatives also helped and we were able to witness to them even more. Anatoly gave them a Christian video to watch. We pray they will come to Christ soon.   December 10, 2005

307 - Helping Lubov I. Lvovich’s daughter who is 27, mother of two children. She came to our Sunday service asking for help. The doctors found some cancer cells in her daughter’s blood. She needed an operation in Saint Petersburg. Their relatives collected around 30,000 rubles for the operation. So, they needed support for transportation and stay at the St. Petersburg clinic. We donated to them and gave them a Josh McDowell book about Jesus.   December 12, 2005

308 - Helping Zoya Ivanovna living past the junction. She also came to our Sunday service. She ia a handicapped lady. She has a tumor in her throat. She had to move out of Syktyvkar because the air in Ust-Kulom is cleaner. She is living in Ust-Kulom by herself. Her relatives live far away. As a handicapped person, she has been getting a pension. She had a debt with the local grocery store. We gave her money and a book about Jesus Christ. She heard the gospel in church.   December 12, 2005

309 - Welded on ice auger for local Komi man.

310 - Took a family of three to Ust-Kulom, had a year old baby standing in cold for long time trying to catch ride.

311 - Took part of a butchered calf for Anatoly our brother to his brother in Sectivkar, plus hauled back two freezers for two local men that had bought them used. Both deeply appreciated and we have shared with them, however, they seem hardened but still praying for them and showing God’s kindness through our deeds.

312 - Helping Sasha Lipin’s family:  Sasha Lipin is a needy boy from Don. Both of his parents are drunkards. In December 2005 his dad was in jail for domestic violence. Sasha is 14 years old. When his parents were drunk, he would take care of his two little brothers and the sheep. Sasha has been to our church many times. His mom has been to church a few times, has heard the gospel, but says she is not ready to accept Christ yet. When Sasha’s dad got into jail, they didn’t hardly have any firewood, so we went to their place and cut some firewood for them. Plus, their heating system was not working right because it had been frozen. So, the boiler was leaking. We took part of the stove apart and patched their boiler. Hopefully, this help will make them think more about the love of God. We bought stove bricks, a metal place and a grid for their stove and some rubber tubing. Now their heating system works just fine. Little Sasha has been attending our services.

313 - Simeon helped our new friend Doctor Sasha from Ust-Kulom who works in the Ust-Kulom clinic as a doctor who treats alcoholics and drug addicts. Simeon spent almost a day fixing Doctor Sasha’s bathroom. Doctor Sasha wanted to install a shower in his little apartment. Simeon did some plumbing in the apartment as well. This helped build a relationship with Doctor Sasha and his girlfriend Zhenya, who is also a doctor. We took both of them to a Christmas youth gathering in Syktyvkar. They liked the fellowship with Christian youth. Hopefully, they will come to Christ some day. Doctor Sasha and Simeon have shown an anti-alcohol movie at the high school of Don. Doctor Sasha invited the students to come to our church. Dec. 2005

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