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  There is a Christian lady living in the village of Kebanyal. She used to be a severe alcoholic. In the past she used to drink a lot. She almost died once in a drunken stupor. Then she started looking for God. She got to know Tamara and Tamara started sharing with her. Tamara and Svetlana work in the same Town hall building. Then about 5 years ago she started going to the Don church. God gave Svetlana a gift to write poems. Every once in a while she writes Christian poems. The Don church folks really enjoy her poems. Svetlana’s favorite Christian movie is “Martin Luther”. She has watched it many times. She is really inspired by Martin Luther’s example when he sought the truth, translated the Word into German. Svetlana has 5 children. Most of them do not know the Lord. One daughter is an alcoholic. She prays for her children. It is a joy to see that one person’s life is free of alcoholism.