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  We are thankful to the Lord that He keeps opening doors for us at the Ust-Kulom boarding school. This time we had a request from the school staff to help them get clothes and sneakers to perform in front of other schools. The staff are doing everything they can to help the kids develop spiritually and physically, to keep them off the streets. Recently some of the boys from the school showed interest in dancing. In order to perform they wanted to get the same clothes for every boy on the dance team. We went ahead and did just that with God’s help and your generous support. You should have seen the happy smiles on the boys’ faces. And, yes, we had yet another chance to witness to them about the Lord’s love. The latest I heard from them is that they have been using the dance gear to practice and perform. As you know, most of those kids come from problem families, and this helps them to stay away from addictions and dangerous behavior patterns.The owner of the store where we bought the clothes and sneakers was touched by the idea of helping those kids and decided to donate a few items to the kids from herself.