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   For about 2 years now Anna from the village of Kebanyal has been attending the Don church. She started looking for God a long time ago. She read books, attended the Orthodox church yet nothing seemed to satisfy her hunger for God. Then finally she heard about our sister Tamara (who also resides in Kebanyal). They got together and invited Pr Andrey to come over and share about the Lord. When she attended the Don church for the first time she realized that the Good News of Jesus Christ is what she had been looking  for all of her life! Her husband is a “big shot” in Ust-Kulom district. He is the head of the main local utility company. She has been praying for him and sharing the Gospel with him. At first he was upset that she started attending a protestant church (here in Russia the majority of the population   consider the protestant churches to be cults or sects because the Russian Orthodox church is regarded in Russia as THE one and only true CHURCH). But gradually he saw changes in her life and now allows her to go to Don. Anna encourages us a lot when every Sunday she says, “I can’t wait to go to the Don church every Sunday!” After 2 years of attending the church she learned a lot about the Bible. She shares the word of God with her friends and neighbors in the village of Kebanyal. We hope that her husband will some day come to know the Lord. Her daughter Svetlana has been pretty open to the Gospel, she works in the local police department. Anna says that the Lord not only saved her soul but also delivered her from all the fears and superstitions that she used to be enslaved with. Anna knows the Truth and the Truth has set her free!